Centre for Neighbourhood Studies

About us

The Centre for Neighbourhood Studies (CeNS) is an independent, non-government, non-profit research and technology organisation aimed at understanding, developing, and promoting smarter and more sustainable neighbourhoods.


Inspired by its ‘mother’ Centre—the GCRF-funded ‘Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC)’—CeNS is an independent non-government, non-profit research and technology organisation that promotes, develops, and enhances research and development, capacity, and partnership-building in environmental and neighbourhood planning and other related fields of endeavour to achieve a smarter and sustainable neighbourhood.

CeNS is steered by transdisciplinary professionals with a combination of knowledge and unique planning experience developed through years of research, teaching, training, and actual practice. With the neighbourhoods as its key focus, CeNS is founded on the synergistic relationships that have been developed with its partners—the academe, the national government, the local government units, and most importantly, the neighbourhoods. These relationships continue to serve as the essence of the Centre’s mission.

The articles of incorporation and bylaws of the Centre were signed on 29 August 2019. On 09 September 2019, the first general assembly of CeNS was held electing the Centre’s first set of members of the board of trustees - Dr. Mario R. Delos Reyes, Atty. Mark Anthony M. Gamboa, EnP., Annlouise Genevieve M. Castro, EnP., Charlie E. Cabotaje, EnP., and Joy T. Santiago, EnP. Ms. Nancy Aguda and Ms. Angelina D. Caluag were appointed as the Corporate Secretary and the Chief Finance Officer, respectively.

CeNS is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Centre’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were approved and its Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Commission on 15 January 2020. Launched on 21 February 2020 during the SHLC International Partners Meeting in the Philippines, the Centre held its very first strategic planning workshop in March to set the overall strategic direction and thrusts of the Centre.

Through a flourishing culture of neighbourhood science-based researches, innovations, and solutions, CeNS shall endeavour to contribute to the co-creation of resilient and sustainable pockets of development in the country.


Inclusive, resilient, and sustainable neighbourhoods of healthy and learning people who have equitable access to quality basic services, adequate economic opportunities, appropriate infrastructure, and who nurture a balanced ecology, a sense of community, and partnerships for development.


The premier institution on neighbourhood science engaged in research and development, capacity enhancement, and partnership-building towards sustainable transformation of neighbourhoods.

CeNS Leadership